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Short Films

Posted in Films, Short Films on December 15, 2009

Test 1: Road Racing (new high def footage)

This is my first test with an HVX-200 Camera. There were so many sick cars racing at this N.A.S.A event: Ferrari’s, Porches, M3s, Rileys, just to name a few. Shot all in natural light usually between F4-F5.6 with a few exceptions; Shutter @ 1/120 with a few shots 1/60 a ... Continue Reading

Posted in Films, Short Films on December 4, 2009

Divorced Trailer!!

Divorced is a film about a couple whose Divorce goes terribly wrong. Starring Lory Reyes, Terry Cuzzort, Dylan Barber, Stephen Thomson, and Adam Fortner. Written and Directed by John Craven | Director of Photography Paul Diaz | Assistant Camera Bryan ... Continue Reading